Call of Duty Ghosts Reviews

It has been released as the same game on all platforms but the Xbox One version benefits from obvious improved visual fidelity over its 360 relative. The Xbox One version is also more stable and reliable due to the console’s increased power, and high steady frame rates are delivered throughout, even at times of exceptional load giving an ultra-smooth performance.
Most will be familiar with the on-going Call of Duty franchise and we stay true to what has been tried and tested in this instalment in terms of gameplay. It is a formula that works, so many would say why fix what isn’t broken and Call of Duty well and truly keeps its identity here. This time however we do have the added feature of being able to play as attack dogs!

call of duty ghosts
The game theme has changed in respect that the player now fights on the side of the underdog in campaign mode and we are simply fighting to survive. We fight as one of the elite ‘ghost’ Special Forces operatives making a stand against a new technologically advanced global power.
In gameplay terms most would agree that the single player campaign is exceptional and there is much fun to be had here with a great storyline, great visuals and features reminiscent of classic Call of Duty, the downside here is that the game can be completed in a relatively short space of time, especially for seasoned COD veterans. Online multiplayer is where the real controversy and debate occurs. The maps are very large compared to past offerings and many players are unhappy with the spawning system within the game and will talk of overpowered guard dogs and bad damage scaling and such. Activison has struggled to please many fans in this department but to be fair they have also added multiplayer features too. You can now create your own soldier, either male or female and build and lead a team of up to 6 in squad mode. We even have the cool new ‘slide’ feature as we go from standing to crouching and then prone at speed.

call of duty ghosts 2

Putting aside the issues many players have raised with the game in multiplayer, it can also be said that single player is an experience in itself. If you are not perturbed by the online factors many are mentioning, but you simply love Call of Duty and immersing yourself in the story of a game with stunning visuals and quality gameplay then this one should be well worth a look.